Luke is almost walking. It is very exciting. Every time he stands up we all pause and take a breath - is he going to do it now? He'll take a few steps and then get down and start crawling again. His big trick today was standing up in the middle of the room with his arms up in the air. My dad was here today and we kept trying to get him to stand up on his own. Of course he wouldn't perform on command, but as soon as my dad drove away Luke stood up in the middle of the front yard. I don't know why we're trying to encourage him to walk. It's hard enough to chase after him while he's crawling!

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  1. I once had someone tell me, "Isn't ironic that we spend the first years of our kids' lives encouraging them to learn to walk and talk, and then the rest of their lives we're telling them to 'Sit down and shut up!'"

    I'm still excited for you, Luke, keep on trekkin'. Good luck, Cristin and Erik!



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