Luke and I finally arrived home yesterday from our trip to see Kelley in Seattle. I had a great time and was really glad I went. However, Kelley told me that being with Luke for a week made her not want to have kids for a long time. That made me really sad. I want Luke to bring joy into others' lives, not a feeling of, "Whew, thank goodness I have no children!" Can I really blame her? He was sick towards the end of our trip and got snot all over himself and everything he touched, in addition to keeping us both up all night. When I told Kelley that he pooped twice in her bathtub she was disgusted, but I was thinking, "Way to go Luke! At least you did it in the bathtub and not on the carpet like you did 5 minutes earlier!"

I always hear about these angelic children who never poop on their aunt's carpet and sleep 12 hours straight. How much of their behavior is personality and how much is parent-influenced? I have been asking myself this a lot lately.

On the plane ride home to LA, the flight was delayed for maintenance problems and we were stuck in the plane on the runway for close to 2 hours. I was in the back of the plane with other kids around Luke's age who were very calm, while Luke was going nuts. One of the other parents on the plane proudly held up a bottle of Benedryl and said, "Here, give him this! He'll be out before you know it! Look at our son!" Their child was conked out, dead asleep in his mother's lap. I declined because I had already given Luke some Tylenol and didn't want the 2 drugs to have a bad effect on him. When the plane finally did take off though, Luke fell asleep for the entire flight and the Benedryl Boy in the Back woke up and did the death scream for over half the flight (the screaming actually made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who's child does this.) As a result of the airlines giving out free booze and all you can eat pretzels as compensation for forcing us to sit on the plane for so long, a long line for the bathroom developed. As other passengers passed by, they said things like, "Oh, what an angelic baby." "Isn't he just sooooooo precious?!" "You are so lucky to have such a peaceful baby." It made me feel so good... like I did something spectacular. Maybe I did?

The moral of the story is: When your child behaves well, it is because of the parent. When your child misbehaves, it is because of the child and there is nothing you can do.


  1. I'm sure your little one wouldn't have put me off having kids. He's so sweet!

  2. I'm sorry i made that comment. But I just don't think I am ready to take on the responsibility of cleaning up diarreah on carpet and not getting very much sleep. Needless to say, I still think Luke is sooo cute and it wasn't your fault he was sick.

  3. When my children behave well, it's because of the father. When they misbehave, it's all the mother's fault. I suspect the same thing is true in your family. For shame, Cristen, for shame!

  4. I was going to spell your name "Cristin," but Nancy INSISTED that it ended in "en." So I published my comment and then we checked and, unless you've misspelled your own name on your own blog, I was totally RIGHT. So don't blame me.

    Nancy says: "I know I always get it wrong, I just reversed which one was right." (If that makes no sense, it's because we're on the Internet at two in the morning on a weeknight. Yeah, adulthood!)

  5. cristin, rule number one when dealing with babies: NEVER, I repeat, NEVER leave them alone for 1 second WITHOUT a diaper!!!!! (espeically boys, and especially if his last name is Lassen. Anyway I honestly think if you follow that simple rule you will prevent a lot of accidents.



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