I decided to take my father's advice and spend less time on the blog so I could clean my house. (60-40*) Vacuuming mostly. We own 3 vacuums: a 2 year old Hoover from Costco, the "Big Green Machine" I bought for $5 from a garage sale, and a used industrial vacuum given to us by my parents that was held together by a pencil until a few months ago. The Hoover sucks (literally, HA HA, get it?! Oh that joke never gets old... right), the Industrial stopped working and the Green Machine only does a good job on tile floors. Today I vacuumed the whole house with the Hoover. Unfortunately, I realized half way through that it was spitting everything out the back, but I kept on vacuuming because it still made those "lines" in the carpet that make it look like you vacuumed. Those carpet lines make the house feel cleaner to me. What a waste. I am dreaming of getting a $500 Dyson... but the idea of having to get on a payment plan to buy a vacuum does not appeal to me. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank goodness for Luke, who in the meantime will graciously continue to act as our #1 vacuum by eating old Cheerios, dried up peas, little pieces of paper, dead bugs, etc. off the floor.

*60-40 means that when you make a sarcastic comment it is 60% True and 40% False, or vice versa, I can't remember. I first heard the phrase when I was visiting a Relief Society meeting in Tempe, Arizona. The teacher was giving a very serious lesson about sarcasm. She said that on her mission she would say, "60-40, Sister! 60-40!" whenever her companion made a sarcastic comment. She gave a very touching lesson about how this helped them. Of course my friends and I took this very serious lesson and made it into our favorite catch phrase ever! I say 60-40 all the time. I even have a friend (who will remain nameless), that when she told her mother-in-law about the phrase, her MIL screwed it up and started saying, "10-30!" or some random pair of numbers that made no sense whatsoever. Oh dear.


  1. My MIL owns a Dyson, IT'S THE BEST VACUUM EVER! I of course couldn't afford one and tried one after the other trying to find one close to it! I finally found one for only $100 it's a Bissell (Momentum I think) from Home Depot, trust me I've tried others and they haven't come close! This one works on floors and carpets. ~Mary

  2. It's not available online, it's like this one but only $100, it has the turbo brush too, and WOW that really picks up hair off the sofa!!! ~Mary


  3. Zach and I are dreaming of owning a Dyson too! But until we can afford to dump that kind of money into a vacuum,(which will be a while) we bought a tiny Lime green (Did I mention it has some type of sparkles on it)vacuum at target for like $50. It actually works really well, besides the fact that after one run through you have to empty out the little bin. I don't know if thats becuase I vacuum about once a month or it's just small.

  4. Cristin, try changing the bag. It's probably full again.

  5. I too admire the dyson... and I totally don't care about vacuums. I think it's the commercials, they totally sell me on it being the best vacuum ever. EVER! Plus, it's a guy selling it to us in the ads, so I figure it must really be a tough machine if a guy is marketing a vacuum to me. As the lady who wants the sailboat in the bottle in Napoleon Dynamite, "I want that."

  6. Nancy always gets angry with me when I tell her, "I'm mostly kidding."



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