Erik picked us up from the airport late Thursday and then we spent the night at the Los Angeles Temple Apartments before driving home to Tehachapi the next day. While we were busy gathering our things to check out on Friday morning, Luke crawled into this funny little hallway between the bedroom and bathroom. While in there, he shut the door to the bedroom and opened up one of the drawers that is built into the hallway wall. (Fortunately, we had shut the bathroom door already so he couldn't go in there too. He has a new fascination with putting his hand in toilets. Thank you Isaac "The Poop Eater" Kent for showing your cousin, Luke, the way.) Since Luke opened the drawer and the door opened in, we couldn't get him out and he was trapped in the little hallway. We could open the door a crack and tried pushing the drawer shut with keys and a knife, but it was no use. Luke was going ballistic and our pleas of, "Luke, please shut the drawer, buddy," weren't working. I went to the office and they said this had happened once before and the only way to free Luke was to crawl through the bathroom window. The maintenance man removed it and I climbed through the little window on to the bathroom sink. (I didn't know I was that flexible!) When I freed Luke from the hallway, he stopped crying and smiled at his "audience" (the maintenance man, office lady, and Erik).

Here is the maintenance man putting the window back together. Thank goodness it was only a little hallway he was trapped in and not a well or something.


  1. Never a dull moment with the Luke!

  2. How freaky! We've had quite the week with Carson, too...it started with the Heimlich thing at church and then last night he somehow fell off of the changing table. I strapped him on and went to start the bath and we heard a thump and crying and I ran in and he was face down on the carpet. What the? By a miracle he wasn't hurt at all and was laughing within three minutes. So blessed!

  3. How scary! Its amazing what they get into once they are mobile. I am glad that Jake is just rolling over right now and not into everything but I know my day will come!

  4. I don't know how Isaac is going to feel about his designated nickname in a few years. :-) Poor kid. Haa haa to you and all your adventures that lie ahead.



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