Erik is driving to Newport Beach tomorrow to do the Newport to Ensenada race on Afterburner. (He has crewed on her for nearly 2 years now.) Luke and I, on the other hand, will be living it up here in Tehachapi while he is gone. This weekend is just another painful reminder that I really need to keep working on making friends here. Erik and I really struggle with making "couple" friends. Either he doesn't get along with my friend's husband, or I feel I have nothing in common with his friend's wife. Or, Erik will say something completely embarrassing and they never call us again.

Case in point:

A couple in our ward invited us over about 7 months ago for dinner. We had a really good time. Great conversation, great food... I finally felt like we were making friends with other couples. I had gathered all of Luke's toys up and we were about ready to walk out their door to drive less than a mile home until Erik stops in their entry way as we are saying our goodbyes -

Erik: Do you have a bathroom in your house that you aren't going to use for a while?

Me: (Mumbling under my breath as discreetly as possible) You are fine. You can hold it for a mile. We'll be home in 5 minutes.

Erik: (Not Discreetly) No, I can't hold it. I need to go now.

Our Hosts: (Staring in disbelief, They were not laughing at all) Um, yeah, go upstairs. There is a bathroom on the right.

Then I was forced to make polite conversation at the door for close to 10 minutes while Erik was making their bathroom "unusable" for awhile. It was so incredibly awkward. Erik would probably say that we should choose friends based on whether or not they laugh at our bad jokes. I now refer you to our friend Brandon's thoughts on the subject which I couldn't agree with more.


  1. Making "couple" friends as a couple is a lot like dating.

  2. I'm sort of secretly excited to be referenced by such a proficient bloggerista like you. As for your husband's bowels: maybe the food they fed him didn't agree with him. (Which, given your previous post about the ants on the brownies, is really saying something.) We're still your friends, but I know that's not too helpful when we're in Kansas and you're in The 'Hachapi.

  3. a) that's one of the funniest stories I've ever heard
    b) I enjoyed reading Brandon's blog - he's really funny, too



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