I have just started teaching the 16 and 17 year old girls at church (the Laurels). It should be fun, especially since I was looking through the lesson manual and sometime during October I am teaching a lesson called "Preventing Disease." No, it isn't about the Clap, as Erik suggested, although they do mention "Being Chaste" as a way to prevent diseases. It's mostly about washing your hands, eating fresh food, etc. I laughed pretty hard at the thought of teaching this lesson though and now Karma has gotten me good, as I am now sick. It's just a nasty cold, but I probably got it from not washing my hands or putting enough sanitizer on the shopping cart at the grocery store. Who knows. I need to re-read that lesson so I don't get sick again.

Sad truth is when you are a stay-at-home mom there is no "sick day." I told Erik I was going to take it easy today and he said, "What, no Oprah?" So sad, it's not like I can tell Luke to take care of himself today while I lie in bed. A few months ago I got really sick and Luke just stared at me as I threw up. Soooo not fun.

My friend Stacey* is a part-time nanny for a wealthy family with three young children (ages 3 and under). The mother is a stay-at-home mom. She has a housekeeper, window washer, gardener and THREE nannies. An older British woman (similar to Mary Poppins, I'm guessing) who comes in the mornings, Stacey comes in the afternoons and another older woman comes all night. The Night Nanny sleeps right next to the 6 week old to wake up with him, feed him, etc. Initially I thought this was ludicrous and I felt bad for this woman.... think of the small special moments she is missing out on with her kids. But then I got sick this week and I'm thinking that round the clock nannies aren't such a bad idea. If you had access to round the clock care for your kids, would you use it?

*Not her real name. I don't want her to get fired if by some bizarre coincidence her employer EVER reads this. Hey... you never know, crazier things have happened.


  1. You know, husbands can use their sick days at work to help out at home when you're sick (at least mine can). I think Matt's only done that once, maybe.

  2. Nah - what would I do? Work? No thanks - I'll take Carson over full-time work any day. That's why I had him!

  3. you had a baby just so you didn't have to work?



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