Life is good for Erik. Not only does he get paid to build space ships, but now he gets to ride his motorcycle to work as well! He finally got one of his 3 free motorcycles to run well enough to use for commuting. I am very torn because I know we will save money on gas if he uses it, but I also feel like it is a coffin with wheels. Today I went to the mall and took the little windy road over the hill and through the windmills that he rides to work so that I could look for his body in case he crashed. I didn't see him lying on the side of the road, so I assumed he must have made it to work safely and I continued on towards the mall.

Speaking of spaceships, here is Virgin Galactic's promotional video for Space Ship Two. It came out last fall, but I like to watch it from time to time so that I feel better about living in Tehachapi. Tickets start at a mere $200,000. Any takers?


  1. Wow, that looks like a pretty nice bike that you got for free!

    I agree- it is a coffin with wheels. Do you have good life insurance?

  2. how did he get those bikes for free? wow thats kind of sad you looked for his body? hmmm, interesting. anyway yeah motorcycles scare me.



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