I have turned into one of those people... you know one of the moms you see pushing a baby stroller all over town? That's me! Since the weather has been nice, I only drive somewhere when I absolutely must. But, you know what I really hate while I'm out walking? Lawn oranaments. 9 times out of 10 I think they are dogs and then I am really mad after I realize that they aren't real dogs after I have crossed over to the opposite side of the street to avoid them. Here are some of the other things that I have recently crossed over to the opposite side of the street to avoid because I have mistaken it for a dog:

Big Cats that Look Like Dogs
Trash Blowing in the Wind
Old Tires

Apparently, I suffer from Cynophobia. Here is the definition of my disease du jour (more like "the disease de ma vie"):

Cynophobia - An abnormal and persistent fear of dogs. Sufferers of this fear experience anxiety even though they realize that most dogs pose no threat. To avoid dogs, they may barricade yards or refuse to travel except in an enclosed vehicle.

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  1. Cristin, You have never been bit any animal. Why are you so afraid? You need to get a dog and face your fears.



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