I actually really like the idea of My Gym. If you haven't heard of it, My Gym is a big chain that offers an indoor play area, as well as all sorts of classes for younger children. They are one of the few places in our area to offer Mommy and Me classes for kids Luke's age, so I was really tempted to sign up even though the closest My Gym is 40 minutes away. What keeps me from joining, besides the insane distance I would have to drive, is the price. You must pay an initial membership fee of $100 or so, and then the 8 week classes are around $125. If I can just be patient, when Luke turns 18 months old I can go to the Tehachapi Parks and Rec 12 week class for $35! So, in the meantime, I decided to take one of our spare rooms and turn it into a little mini My Gym (toy room) for Luke. Now I just need to find him some friends to play with him in it!

Here are how the components of my "mini" My Gym compare to the real deal:

Stuffed Ramp - Free (Thanks, Mom)
Blown Up Infant Tub - Free (Borrowed from Kirsten)
Stuffed Animals - Free (Mostly Baby Shower Gifts)
5 Feet Long Tunnel - $10
2 Large Boxes stacked up - Free
Baby Gate - Free (Borrowed from Ditte)

My Gym:

Membership: $100
8 Weeks of Classes: $125
Gas: At least $120

Here's how the obstacle course works: He goes up the little ramp and dives into the tub of stuffed animals...

... then through the tunnel...

... then up some old boxes I stacked up. I filled the boxes with cans of food storage and taped them up to weigh them down. I taped old rags on the corners and put 2 duvets on either side to cushion his inevitable fall...

... then I propped the door open with an old flip-flop and put this baby gate up. It's scary how high he can climb up this thing! Luke thinks the gate is part of the obstacle course.


  1. its scary how much time you put into your blog... jk! yeah youre right. who needs "my gym" anyway?

  2. Man, he's got this whole gym thing down! I love it. So did he go for it or did you have to show him how first. I wish I couldl find some kids the same ages as Penny and Liam. I think Penny is bored out of her mind. And then when there are kids to play with she either gets super shy, or she overwhelms them.

  3. I love it. I can't believe how advanced Luke seems to me. The pic of him going through the tube is super cute. Too bad we don't have an extra room, that's a great idea.

  4. I had to show him how the ramp works, but everything else he figured out. Yes, it is very pathetic, Luke needs friends so badly. When we are at the grocery store and see other kids he goes CRAZY. When we are at the park he tries to jump on the kids twice his size because he is so excited.

  5. Thanks for doing the blog cristin. The picture in the tube is very cute. I enjoy keeping caught up on your family. Love Gramps

  6. Cristin, I love your blog and the pictures of Luke are so awesome. I can't get over how good lucking Luke is. His athletic ability has to be unmatched for his age too. He's an amazing kid.

  7. Wow, I guess that is what you do when you have a house with 5 bedrooms. I liked dad's comment. Still don't know if he is trying to be funny... or really serious.



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