My friend Megan introduced me to the Tuke (rhymes with Luke) Family while I was in college. The Tukes have awful manners. They do things like put the milk carton on the table during dinner! Burp in public! (gross) Eat nasty things like frozen microwaveable Wienerschnitzel corn dogs from Costco! (just like Erik) From the looks of this family picture, they evidently use a little too much hairspray also! (sooooo 1991)

Truth is, Megan's mom invented the
Tuke family to teach the kids how not to be white trash. So sad, but I am starting to think the Tukes and I are closely related. I wear jeans with a hole in the knee. There is a bunch of trash that has blown into the corner of our front yard and I keep neglecting to pick it up. Erik eats those DISGUSTING corn dogs. The inside of our refrigerator is filthy. Luke wears socks with his sandals. My socks never match. We always have the milk carton on the table. One of our cars has a bunch of paint beginning to chip off the side of it. I don't use a protective shopping cart child seat cover thing. Did I mention that Erik and I share the same hairspray? (just like the Tukes in the picture!) How did I get to this point? Why do my socks never match? Is there any way to reverse this "Tuke" like trend or I am destined to have my family picture posted under redneck on a google image search?


  1. cristin, where in the world did you find this picture?

  2. Cristin, I like your blog.. but come on. Take a few minutes off from blog-time and wipe down the old fridge. Priority Check!!!



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