This week's Time Magazine had an interesting article about wet nurses making a comeback. I have never been very keen on the idea of nursing someone else's baby (and La Leche League discourages it), but when I read that these women typically make $1,000 a week, I seriously considered it for about 20 minutes. I thought, hmmmm, so all I have to do is sit there and nurse? So easy. I pictured some wealthy family in need of my "goods." The new kid could be friends with Luke. It would be great because the two kids could entertain each other! But then just at that moment when I began to fantasize about how this wealthy family would adopt me (kind of like Annie!) and start taking me on fancy trips because they were so grateful I had breastfed their baby, Luke sneezed while nursing and got loads of snot all over my you know where and I came back to reality. No, I won't be pursuing the wet nurse profession any time soon.


  1. I need your goods... how much is it gonna cost?

  2. Thats some seriously good money for something you can do while watching Oprah. Think about how much money people pay for Gym memberships, just so they can sit in a room and sweat with a bunch of other overweight fatties...All while paying money for it! Think about a Doller per Calorie cost. Now if you apply that same figure to Breast feeding it would be like burning calories, but instead of paying for it, YOU GET PAID! Plus, maybe the rich family could feed you premium food so that you produce premium "goods". Then we could further save money by you not spending all of our food budget on ice cream...
    "I heart) you".. (from Micheal to Jan on the office).

  3. Nice title. Ben would find that exceptionally funny. I agree with you, I wouldn't want a stranger's kid feeding from my breasts.



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