Since Erik's family owns health food stores, he naturally grew up eating outdated food. He still has no problem with it. In fact, whenever I am at his folks' house they always bust out the old cheese, yogurt, milk, bread, etc. and I get the same old lecture about how I am crazy because I think the expiration dates on food actually mean something. Erik checks milk quality by taking a big drink and then saying, "No, a little chunky. Throw it out."

Me, on the other hand, I have food standards. I only threw up twice while I was pregnant: once during labor and once because I picked up the milk jug and felt chunks in it. At any given time I have the expiration dates of all the food in our refrigerator memorized: Milk - May 7, Eggs - May 9, Sour Cream - June 10. I feel nauseous when I smell McDonalds. (The other day I discovered a debit card charge to McDonalds on our bank statement. I called Erik at work and said, "I think someone stole our debit card because there is a charge for McDonalds!" and he admitted to buying Egg McMuffins. Excuse me while I gag in my mouth.)

Erik's lack of food fussiness finally crossed the line on Sunday morning when we woke up and found that ants were all over some brownies he had made on Saturday evening. I wanted to throw them out, but Erik said, "What? Ants never hurt anyone!" and he ate the brownies - ants and all. GROSS. Next thing you know he is going to want to go on Fear Factor.

Speaking of strange eating practices, here is a video of
Takeru Kobayashi at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship. The best part is Eric Booker, who looks like he is going to vomit. That would be me after eating 2.


  1. My mom used to make homemade bread and leave it out and ants would get all over it. You know what she would do? She would shake the bread over the sink or lightly pat it with her fist to "knock" all the ants out. We all teased her for this relentlessly. My Grandma made me a ham sandwich one time an after I took a few bites realized there were ants in the sandwich. I ate an ant sandwich. Of course, I walked around spitting for a while.

  2. Okay Cristin...you were a bit harsh on this one :-} Just kidding...I don't like chunky milk either....but I have learned that the dates don't mean a whole lot! Lots of foods are still great past the date....nonfat milk is not usually one of them, though. Out of feeding 9 kids for all these years, I haven't killed one of them yet!

    .... still love you xoxoxo mom Lassen

  3. Last year a guy in our elders' quorum had us over for dinner and he showed me the hot dog eating contest that he had Tivoed because there was a moment when the one announcer said, "At this point, it's all about hot dog management." He wanted to figure out what that meant. I think it was the same announcer who said in this clip, "He's the finest athlete anywhere."



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