Instead of going to Mammoth this year to go skiing with the rest of the Lassens, we opted to save the money and spend Easter in Tehachapi this year. Erik's sister, Ditte, and her family, camped out in the desert (about an hour from here) to go dirt bike riding. Erik's other sister, Else, and her husband, Haans, came out and stayed with us for a few days too. It was a lot of fun... that is, when it wasn't really scary for me. I don't know why, but Erik always has the need to push my limits when it comes to putting Luke in situations that I deem to be really dangerous.

Here are Erik and Ditte trying to strap Luke into a dune buggy. He didn't really enjoy it so I said, "NO" and ripped him out of there really fast.

I look like a happy accomplice, but this was really scary for me. Luke sat on my lap and the whole time I was screaming at Erik to go SUPER slow. Luke loved it.

This was DOUBLE scary for me: 1) No Helmet and 2) They were on a three wheeler which they don't even make anymore because so many people were killed on them. They went really slow, but all I could think about was the worst case scenario: Luke falls off and Erik rolls over him. Agh. Again, Luke loved it.

You know what Luke didn't love? Goggles.

Easter egg hunt in the desert. Ow. Watch out for the tumbleweeds.

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  1. They always seem to love the dangerous things that make mommies need a manicure when they're through (and sometimes CPR).



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