Erik is always shopping for new cars. Even tonight he told me that he found the perfect used Mercedes in Riverside for his diesel conversion plan, i.e., he wants our cars to run on vegetable oil. (That's right. As if we did not already have enough garbage, our garage will soon hold large containers of old vegetable oil that Erik thinks all 5 restaurants in Tehachapi will gladly donate to us. I am so torn. This is a good idea to save money, but a bad idea because our car will smell like rotten french fries, which means I will smell like rotten french fries. Rotten french fries = No friends.)

Today as Kelley and I were driving around beautiful Bellevue, Washington, I was reminded of my long standing fantasy. One of the last times Erik wanted to buy a car, I told him we could only get a new one if it was a Delorean. Well, today a Delorean IDENTICAL to the one from Back to the Future pulled up next to us at a stop light. The owner had shamelessly stuck these big white letters that said FLUX CAPACITOR on the back side window and the license plate was even DLOREAN. I stopped talking and just pointed at the car in disbelief! Erik looked on Ebay after I told him that I really wanted one and he found a whole bunch of Deloreans. Some as cheap as $7,000. I bet a lot of people treat them like collectibles, but I would drive it everywhere... to the grocery store, church, (okay I can't think of any place else because I don't really go anywhere). I wonder if they get good gas mileage.


  1. Cristin, You crack me up! You want a time machine car?? seriously? I'ts just an accident waiting to happen with Luke and those car doors.

  2. Cristin, I found this a few months ago. Now I know someone who could truly appreciate it. Erik. You will probably appreicate it too. Maybe it was the same owner? http://www.monkeyrivertown.com/brains.php?ART=641

  3. When I was in high school I worked for my brother's law firm and actually had to lhunt down a blue book value for a Delorean. I remember being so shocked that they were a real car that people actually owned.

  4. I'm glad your blogging again. You're pretty funny!

  5. Just so you know... jigowatt is actually Gigowatt. Back in 1985, there wasn't much need for the metric mutliplier giga-(insert unit of measurement here). Nowadays we have lots of use in the computer realm, like Gigabyte and gigahertz. Just think, if Back to the future was made today, it would be pronounced Gigawatt. Word!



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