Erik and I went to the local middle school talent show in Tehachapi this last Wednesday. Maybe we are starved for entertainment here, because I had a ton of fun. I had forgotten how clique-ish and funny these 12 year olds could be. For example, a kid could be on stage doing the worst rendition EVER of a song and he would get a standing ovation and endless screaming from girls because he is popular. (Maybe I'm still envious because I was never popular... okay, I am.)

At one point there was a "younger looking" teacher on stage playing a song on his guitar about the cafeteria. All the kids started going crazy for him and screaming, "Woo hoo! Go Mr. T!!!" Erik said to me, "Isn't it funny, how the self-proclaimed cool teachers always go by an initial?" We then reminisced about how we had teachers named Mr. H and Mr. K that used their first initial in an attempt to be hip with the students. I then leaned over to one of the screaming students and asked her what subject Mr. T taught, and she said, "He's the principal." AHGGH, I then realized that we must be getting old because the principal looks like he's our age!

Okay, so we didn't just go for the killer entertainment. There was another reason too. A friend of mine asked if I would write and direct the drama kids in some sort of skit to introduce the theme of the show, "An Intergalactic Odyssey of Talent." I had about 2 hours to work with the kids and if anyone is interested, this is what I came up with. (It was very nerve wracking to show this cheesy thing in front of 200 people. Can you imagine how a director must feel premiering a $100 million dollar movie?!?)


  1. Great Job Cristin! Very funny!

  2. Wow That was funny! Did you write a script? Good Work! What's next?

  3. Great work! You're super talented...2 hours? That's crazy! Cute kids.

  4. Wait to go! So, how did your patience hold out?

  5. wow very impressive for junior high, or should i say very impressive for cristin lassen? anyway sheesh kids are getting bigger and bigger these days.



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