So lots of folks are freaking out about the possibility of Sanjaya winning American Idol. First of all, if it really mattered, the producers would just kick him off. They reserve the right to change the voting at any time. It's in the fine print. They clearly like the controversy for the ratings. Plus, I didn't think last year's winner, Taylor Hicks, was phenomenal. Not all American Idol winners have gone on to greatness. I actually read on Wikipedia tonight that William Hung has sold more albums than many "Idols," including Katherine McPhee and Justin Guarini. (No shock there.) So why is anyone surprised that Sanjaya is doing so well? I was actually glad to see Chris Sligh go tonight. He wasn't funny like he used to be. I liked that when he got kicked off, Ryan Seacrest said that Chris was one of the more "clever" contestants. Maybe Chris can be funny again and host a tv show or something. It's just still a real shame though that he looks exactly like my friend Cheryl Eddy from junior high.

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