Last night, Erik was watching Luke while I went to a meeting in Bakersfield for Stake Girls Camp. (We don't call it babysitting, because you can't babysit your own child.) I was gone for a little over 3 hours. When I returned, I went into Luke's room and noticed that it was WAY messier than normal. Torn up kleenex, trash (i.e., old diapers), clothes and toys were everywhere. Erik then admitted to me that right after I left, he had shut Luke's bedroom door, laid down in the middle of the floor and accidentally fallen asleep for 45 minutes while Luke ransacked the room. Erik said when he woke up Luke was just throwing a ball against the closet door. The best part is that the only way Luke could of crossed the room was by crawling over Erik, so when he woke up Erik found chewed up kleenex all over his chest. How could that not have woken him up?! Luke got into the trash can and found the box of kleenex I had hidden behind a basket of blankets. I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't fall asleep like that even if I wanted to! At first I laughed really hard, but then I was like, "Whoa, that could of been really really bad. I'm glad nothing too awful happened except for all the kleenex he ingested." Can you imagine if his bedroom door would have been opened?? I don't even want to think about that!


  1. I couldn't figure out a way to leave a comment on the Sanjaya one...so is he really that bad? I think his voice is actually good! I guess I'm one of the few? Do I think he should be the next AI? No. And his hair escapades bug, but his voice is good to me. A little quiet, but good.

  2. How do those Dads do it, anyway? I'm with you Cristin, I can't fall asleep like that even if I wanted to. Jackson is now at the stage that if I look even a little like I'm going to doze off, he gets in my face and yells, "Wake up!" And then he laughs like I've made a good joke.



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