Last night we watched Marie Antoinette. Despite the plot holes and historical inaccuracies, I liked it. It was very visually appealing, i.e., pretty to look at. I enjoyed it much more than Sofia Coppola's other film, "Lost in Translation. " Then again, I saw "Lost in Translation" from Clean Flicks, and they edit out so much stuff that the stories usually don't make any sense. Anyway, Kirsten Dunst was really fun to watch and I liked seeing Versailles. Good chick flick.

Last Saturday, Erik and I saw "Miss Potter" in Ventura. I think sometimes its best to go into a movie with no expectations, so we were surprised at how much we both liked it. Ewan "the love of my life" McGregor was in it with a Magnum P.I. mustache. (That is a big joke. Every time Erik and I go to some sort of couples party they play "The Newlywed Game" and Erik always brings up in his answers that he thinks I am in love with Ewan McGregor.) Here's some advice though, if you go see it, don't look up the story of Beatrix Potter on wikipedia or anything like that. It might ruin some major plot points for you. It was also a good family film and I liked it much better than Finding Neverland, which it is usually compared to.

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