1. Who needs a bib? I use the fact that Luke hasn't figured out how to use a sippy cup yet to my full advantage by letting him eat in his diaper. When he's finished, I hand him the cup full of water, without the sippy part in it, and he rinses himself off without my help.

2. It really doesn't matter how much sand your baby eats because it will all come out in his diaper the next day (if you know what I mean).

3. A good parent does not encourage her child to eat sand by taking pictures of it.

4. I should of baby proofed my house last week.

5. Its time to retire those overalls. My kid is starting to look like he's wearing hot pants.


  1. Can you imagine what my first thoughts were when I saw those pictures in the dirt? And Luke actually has his hand touching some of that public playground equipment. Did you have your sanitizer on hand???

  2. I'm so happy to see another child getting filthy dirty! I'm not the only one who encourages "dirty" play. (Sorry, Trisha.)

  3. So I can't believe he's so up and moving. Carson is still working on fully crawling. :) What a big boy!

  4. Cristin, are you learning your parenting skills from Britney Spears? First you fill up a cup of water and hand it to Luke with your camera ready and just WAIT for him to throw it all over himself. I bet you also dressed him up in those hot pants on purpose and told him to eat the dirt. This is all so you will have a really funny blog isn't it?!

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