Answers are at the end. No cheating!

1. In just this week, Luke has -

a. Thrown an open box of nursing pads into the shower
b. Undid the "lock" I set up on our fireplace and eaten a mouthful of ash
c. Broken two glass casserole dishes
d. Chewed on garbage he found in the trash can
e. All of the above

2. In response to his behavior, my Mom suggested I -

a. Take him to Obedience School
b. Buy him a muzzle and a leash
c. Ignore it
d. Teach him to respond to a whistle
e. All of the above

3. On the bright side, this week, Luke has started -

a. Saying "Mama" when he wants to nurse
b. Saying "Hey" and waving when he sees other kids
c. Eating more solid food
d. Sleeping longer
e. All of the above

4. Other highlights this week for me include -

a. Going shopping with Candace for a nursing bra that she tried on over her clothes and said, "Yeah, that'll do."
b. Learning how to ski
c. Directing a bunch of local Jr. High kids in a short film that I wrote
d. Getting laser hair removal
e. A and C
f. B and D

1.e, 2.b, 3.e, 4. e


  1. Did you really get lazer hair removal?

  2. I like how you spell lazer like Lazer Tag.



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