I love playing board games, but Erik doesn't like to play with me because he says I'm too competitive. When we lived in Provo we used to play Risk together all the time until he said I was being "too smug." It made him so mad one time that he even hit the table really hard and all the little soldiers and tanks flew everywhere. And that was the end of us playing games together, one-on-one. (FYI - I am actually the TAME one when it comes to competition in my family. My sister, Kelley, literally punched me once over the use of the word "Texas" in a Scrabble game. She almost beat up Shannon Steen-Larson when she was pregnant during an intense game of Risk too!)

Fortunately for me, our moratorium on game playing ended when we moved out to
Tehachapi. (We've kind of been lacking for entertainment here.) Tonight we had a really serious Yahtzee game. I always start out thinking to myself, "Okay, don't be competitive, be supportive of your husband, no trash talking, don't be smug." But tonight I got DOUBLE YAHTZEE folks, DOUBLE YAHTZEE!! I just couldn't help it, I stood up and started jumping around the kitchen, waving my arms wildly. The whole time Erik was looking down at the table and saying, "I fantasized about what this would be like for me." Here I am scanning my amazing last game and putting it on my blog. Pathetic? Perhaps. Smug? Of course.


  1. Maybe you should let him win sometimes.

  2. I can't believe you actually scanned in your score sheet. Oh wait, that's something I would do too.

  3. In my family if you had the lowest score, you got a black hole; and if you won, you got a star. I think you should draw a huge star at the top of your double yahtzee round!

  4. Will is into Yahtzee now (I don't know why) so the last two Sundays I've had to play it with him. The first time we played, he beat me by nearly fifty points. The second time, though, I thoroughly schooled him.
    Nancy doesn't like playing games with me because I like to trash-talk during the game. I don't really mind losing, but I like to say things like, "I just totally destroyed you!" and that gets her angry.
    We have a game of dominos that we've been playing since we've been married. We're not even halfway through, yet. Right now I'm losing.



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