Hey guess what everyone?! I'm not a natural blonde. Now that we've gotten that out of the way: My roots are really bad. No one has said anything, I just know it. I ask Erik and he's of course like, "No, it looks fine." (Probably because he knows I would freak out if he told me the truth.) My friend, Annie, told me this great story recently about how she asked her husband, Spencer, what he thought about the bad varicose veins she's been developing during her pregnancy. Spencer answered, "We can pay to get that fixed." Hey, at least he's being honest.

Even though its bad, I want to try to wait a few more weeks until I get my hair done. (It's really expensive.) The other day I asked my sister, Kelley, if she knows how to hide bad roots and she said, "Oh yeah, all the celebrities put hairspray on their roots and then color them with eye shadow." I'm so sure that Reese
Witherspoon doesn't want to pay the $100 to get her hair done so she is hairspraying her roots and coating them with various shades of cheap eye shadow right this minute.

NOTE: After I posted this, Kelley sent me this link from Oprah's website: http://www.oprah.com/health/beauty/h_hair/beauty_hhair_secrets.jhtml.
So, I guess B List Celebrities (like Christina Applegate) really do use golden colored eye shadow on their roots!


  1. Cristin, I hear you! My roots are so so bad. I had blonde highlights in my hair around christmas and i covered them with store bought color, (the cheap 3 dollar color, cause i'm cheap) and it's faded to this bad orange brown while my roots have grown in about an inch or two!(who would have thought! My natural color isn't orange!) But, I'm just too cheap to go get it fixed. I think I'm waiting till my birthday. So I guess until then i could try orange eye shadow! I'll let you know how that works out. love ya, Caitlin

  2. you know, I just read caitlin's comment and I was thinking about the whole "cheap" thing. well when I was RICH and my husband had a job, I was cheap and would use 3 dollar hair products instead of going to the store. Now, ever since I became poor, I have been going to the salon to get my roots done. Because its one thing to be poor, but its a second thing to LOOK poor. I think spending $80 every 6-8 weeks is an expense I just can't cut out of my budget.

    Love, Kelley



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