This picture is disgusting. I censored it myself. No one really wants to see what was in that diaper, but you still get the point. We have a problem with poop in our house. It is everywhere. Luke pooped all over his clothes today and I had to change him right before we left for church. Tonight he made a mess in the bathtub. I have even found some on the wall and scrubbed it so hard that the paint came off. I smell it so much that I smell it even when it is not around. Luke isn't as bad as his cousin, Isaac "the Poop Eater" Kent, but I wouldn't be surprised if that kind of "problem" started happening too.

It is getting really hard for one person to change Luke's diaper alone. He fights you every step of the way. He'll try to leap off the changing table, pound at the wall, crawl, stand, sit, and even jump. Typically, I will reach for whatever I can find in the top drawer (today it was a bottle of Gripe Water) and thrust it into his hands while usually singing no less than an inch from his face in a desperate attempt to hold his attention long enough to finish changing his diaper. Equally frustrating is the fact that the minute the diaper is off, Luke takes whatever I have frantically thrust into his hands (gripe water, pacifier, stuffed animal, etc.) and rubs it all over his poopy "man pieces." He then will take the now poopy object to his face. It is as gross as it sounds. I know you're thinking, "Why don't you stop him?" Believe me, I am trying, but he is getting really quick, and I only have two hands.


  1. Gross. You really should control your kid. :) (i can't believe i put a smiley face. jake made me do it)

  2. That picture is so disgusting and you can't even see the poop! Babies are gross sometimes. I have noticed with Macie that if I'm changing her somewhere other than her changing table that she tries to roll around and is really squirmy. Do you always change Luke in the same place?

  3. All I can say is "Yuck!" I do know what you mean about always smelling poop even when it's not there. That's why I've bought air freshener -- the only way I can survive some days.

  4. The easiest way I have of holding down a kid that wants to roll away is to use my feet on his shoulders. Of course, then he just kicks you in the 'nads. So I guess it's about even.



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