Being overdue is funny. I remember going shopping a few days after my due date and someone said, "Oh, when are you due?" and I said, "2 days ago." And I got the funniest look. Candace left me an irritated message on Monday morning, "Day 6, still no baby." Well, Lizette finally came yesterday with the help of a little pitocin. What a beautiful baby. This picture really doesn't do her justice. She's just gorgeous. We went and visited Candace in the hospital today. It sounded like she had a tough labor. I told her, "Tough labor, easy baby. Easy labor, tough baby." At least, that's been my experience (so it must be true).

After seeing Candace and Tyler with a baby (which is just as weird to me as the fact that we have a baby) I couldn't stop thinking about how much your life changes with a child. It's like suddenly - poof - now you are responsible for someone ALL THE TIME, no breaks! I'M NOT COMPLAINING! It is a wonderful privilege and blessing to have a child, but also a big life altering change too. I don't think I can even remember what it was like to sleep all night. Even if Luke does sleep all night (its sad when I call it "all night" when he does a full 5 hour stretch of sleep) , I wake up in anticipation of him waking up. Sometimes I am so tired that I stop thinking, I just do what I need to do
. I guess this is what it means to be a parent. Congratulations to Candace and Tyler and GOOD LUCK!


  1. She is really, really pretty! SHe looks like a big girl. How much did she weigh in at? So I really liked the SNL clip of Sanjaya. I also admit that the season that Carrie Underwood won, I visited votefortheworst.com. I was hoping to see that little Chicken Little guy win. I wonder if producers would tamper with the voting if it came down to it to prevent Sanjaya from winning.

  2. She's a doll! Congrats to Candace and Tyler, and good luck!



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