Here's a picture from Saturday. I bought Luke this winter coat and mittens set at K-Mart here (yes, I just admitted on the internet that I shop at K-Mart, how embarassing) on clearance for $8! Since its the end of the season and he won't get much use out of it now I bought a size 2 so he can wear it next winter. Look at the mittens that came with it, his little hand doesn't even fit! He couldn't move, but at least he was warm. Oh, and did I mention he is also wearing a snow suit (also size 2 - I'm always thinking one step ahead like a carpenter building steps) that I bought at the Tehachapi Hospital Guild Thrift Shop for $1? Wow, what a deal!


  1. Just so you know, your blog has made me even more blog crazy. It is nice to know what you are up to (even if it is shopping at Kmart) out there in the wilderness.

  2. Believe it or not, Jackson is still wearing his coat from last year. It's only a little small, and we didn't use it that much this year. I hate the cold!

  3. I just saw The Office re-run tonight with that line in it. Sweet. My crazy mom bought Carse a $50 coat from Children's Place sized 6-9 mos. How much of a waste is that? I don't even have a $50 coat. You go with your K-Mart specials!



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