It seems that the stars have aligned for me in the "Universe of Free Stuff" lately. Lucky for me, I am the cheapest person alive so I am eating it up! It all began when Erik and the Elders picked up a dining room set that someone left in their front yard with a big cardboard sign that said FREE. Since they have no shame, they brought it home and we chopped up the chairs for firewood. (They were no good.) I thought maybe I would refinish it, but then realized I was way too lazy for a project of such magnitude, so I sold it in the Penny Saver to a guy named Miguel from Rosamond for $25. (When he paid me, I was thinking, "SUCKA! I GOT THAT TABLE FOR FREE! HA HA!" It kind of reminded me of the time I went to the Wymount Junk Swap thing and found a bunch of stuff to sell on Ebay.) And then the free stuff just started to snowball. It was like I had won the free lottery! In the past three weeks I have been offered the following:

1. Sod (We laid a patch of grass in the backyard that will probably die in a few weeks.)
2. Futon (Almost new!)
3. Refrigerator (I actually said no to this one.)
4. 4 Offroading Tires (I will sell them somewhere.)
5. Dining room Table and Chair Set
6. Gravy Boat
7. Tons of scrapbooking stuff
8. Lots of food storage
9. Toy Scooter

I think this is nice, but do worry that some day I will turn into an old lady living on a 5 acre lot that looks like a junk yard with loads of random stuff that I took just because it was free (not to mention all of Erik's free motorcycles and boats).


  1. Remind me never to call you up for yard work...

  2. Yeah, it looks like poo. We laid the sod in the dark. We're hoping that somehow if we water it, we will have nice grass in a few months. All the pieces were weird shaped though too because it was free.



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