I am a proud member of La Leche League. I enjoy attending the meetings, the camaraderie and honestly, there really isn't much to do in Tehachapi. It gives me a good opportunity to get out of the house and talk to other mothers.

However, as usual, the recent La Leche League meeting turned into another contest of who's the most "natural". It always starts out very innocently. Lady A says, "I make my own bread." Lady B says, "That's nice, we only shop at Whole Foods." And suddenly, it turns into an all out war! (I PROMISE these are actual statements I have heard at meetings):

"I refused to have an ultrasound during my pregnancy. No way."

"Oh my gosh, you actually immunize your kids?!"

"An epidural will drug your baby."

"She only nursed her baby till he was 2."

"I only use midwives, no doctors, and I don't care if she's certified. I'd deliver that baby myself if I could."

"Well, you think you're cool? Beat this! My in-laws own HEALTH FOOD STORES, that's right, Lassens, you ever heard of it?! Yeah, I thought so."

Any La Leche League Leader will be the first to tell you that views expressed by those in attendance at a meeting are not necessarily those of La Leche League itself. I consider myself more on the "natural" side of things, I guess. I would actually agree with quite a bit that is said at those meetings. (Did I mention my in-laws own HEALTH FOOD STORES? Yeah, I thought so.) But I also think that there is a place for science, medicine, you know, stuff that is meant to help people. It's just funny to me how opinionated and close minded people can be about child rearing, especially when they profess to be open minded.


  1. Wow! I guess the whole C-section, epidural, preemie, formula-fed baby would be a difficult discussion among them. Maybe it would be eye-opening for them -- You do what you have to do is my opinion. A lady in my neighborhood just gave birth to a baby at home with a midwife. With my history, you wouldn't catch me EVER doing that, but that doesn't mean her way is wrong and my way is right. I just prefer my way.
    I can tell that I would have a really hard time in that meeting. Both of my child-bearing experiences were anything but "natural" according to that group. I personally don't have a problem with any of their opinions except the one that all others must be wrong.
    It would be interesting to attend a meeting like that. Every once in a while I could toss in "Well, I grind my own wheat!" And that's about all I could add.

  2. LeMira - I completely agree, you totally do what you have to do.

  3. Those comments are pretty funny. I'm glad there are lots of different kinds of people in the world, so I have things like that to laugh at. :)

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  5. Cristin did you know you nursed until you were 3 years old. and don't forget you were born at home.



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