Today we went on a family shopping trip to Bakersfield. While down there, I realized that Harbor Freight is to Erik what Ikea is to me. He didn't think twice about driving 45 minutes to Bakersfield just to buy some super cheap tools (made in China) that he probably doesn't really need. Very similar to me, I would jump in a car in a heartbeat and drive 90 minutes to Ikea to buy cheap furniture and gadgets that I don't need and that will definitely break the next time we move. This all sounds crazy and maybe we need to seriously re-examine our priorities. Harbor Freight is SO cheap that when we were checking out the cashier scanned a tool and said, "You know this is $30 right?" I know the cashier was thinking, "Why would anyone pay $30 for this piece of garbage tool!?"

Concerning Harbor Freight, their shopping carts appear to be made in China also because they are very flimsy and Luke got his foot stuck in the side. (Notice this is not Luke's fault, but Harbor Freight's for having lousy shopping carts.) His foot started turning purple and he was screaming really loud. Erik and I were trying to be really calm but all these old people got around us and well, when we finally got his foot out, we noticed the crowd and they gave us dirty looks. On the bright side, we got a sprinkler for only $4 and clamps to fix the piano bench for $7!


  1. you're going to fix the piano bench? I'd like to see this! And buy the way... YES I would be making breakfast.

  2. Also, Vak read the heading and said "Harbor freight? thats where I bought the hitch to the trailor!" He didn't read the rest of your post, but I did. I am worried Vak will have the radio blasting and somewhere in between Oregon and Idaho a trailor will be laying on the road.



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