This could potentially be a big year for Mormons. The two most important races in the U.S. (American Idol and the campaign for President) finally have credible Mormon candidates. "They" say that more people vote for American Idol than president. I believe it. The season Carrie Underwood was on, Erik shamelessly voted for her for one hour repeatedly, but when I asked him if he remembered to vote in the last Presidential Election, he had forgot.

Rumor has it that American Idol finalist, Blake Lewis, is LDS. (My sister's husband's adopted sister said she saw him at institute in Washington and BYU Net said he has an "association with Utah," whatever that means.) We'll just assume he's Mormon for the sake of this post. My apologizes to former contestants, Jon Peter Lewis and Carmen "sings like a goat" Rasmussen , but they just weren't that good or consistent. Before I knew Blake was LDS, I said, "This guy could win it. He has the Yo factor." He may not be the best finalist, but he is the best ever
Mormon finalist. I think that can be agreed. Too bad he has all those tattoos though. I mentioned that to my sister and she said, "But, Cristin, he's in a band!" Okay, then I guess it's okay to have tattoos if you're a Mormon in a band?

Now for President. Mitt Romney got second place in the GOP straw poll in Tennessee. This is very exciting because everyone knows that the South hates Mormons. I am still undecided if I will vote for Mitt Romney. I am a registered Independent so I can't vote in the Republican primary right now as is. But, I am heavily leaning toward Romney although I know little about him except that he used to have a great family picture on his website and Ted Kennedy likes him. I, like most Americans, could tell you more about the American Idol finalists than the presidential candidates. Pathetic, but true.


  1. Wow - I had no idea that Blake Lewis is Mormon. I actually tried to vote for him a couple weeks ago but couldn't get through. I will have fun spreading that semi non-substantiated rumor!

  2. P.S. I love your blog. You're really, really good at this stuff!

  3. Ok, so Mitt Romney is amazing even though I don't agree with him 100% on all issues. (I'm a liberal Republican. Is there such a thing?) I'm not just saying it because he is a Mormon. When I worked in the office of the Governor in Mass., I learned firsthand that he is smart, savvy, and has the leadership ability to run a country. So there's my two cents.

  4. hello, for other people reading this (besides cristin) I am cristins sister Kelley who said Blake Lewis is mormon. well HE IS. I heard it directly from the source! He is from Bothell, WA and I live in Bellevue, WA (20 min drive) My friend knows him from institute and told me about him the first day he tried out (wearing the lime green shirt). yes he has tatoos, but not every mormon looks like a utah mormon! You guys have been living in Utah for way too long.

  5. The "family picture" is so small I cant tell exactly who it is. (Well Im guessing its supposed to be Romney) And about the whole "Blake Lewis being Mormon..." Yeah I have a few comments about that one because okay its one thing if he has tatoos (i.e. he got them before he was a member or hes just really not that active or just more of a rebel who doesnt really think its bad even though GAs have said otherwise but he also has quite a few piercings. And by no means I am judging him, its just that I personally have never known an active member of the LDS church with peircings (with the earings actually in their ears)



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