I took a detour through Yuma, Arizona last week. I hadn't been there for over 6 years! Interesting tidbits:

1. The Center of the World is still there.
Right outside of Yuma is this hokey looking pyramid proclaiming it to be the center of the world. My mom would always say, "Wow, how ironic that the center of the world is between the railroad tracks and a freeway offramp." You pay $2, go inside the pyramid, stand in the center, and then get a cheesy certificate. Well, surprise, surprise, the Center is STILL THERE, and the crazy french guy built a little church on a hill overlooking the railroad tracks too!

2. If Palmcaster (Palmdale + Lancaster) and Phoenix had a child, it would be Yuma. It also reminded me a bit of Oxnard.

3. Chile Pepper really is as good as I remember it! Yup, it was worth the 80 mile detour. Very good indeed. I ate enough to feed 3 people, and it was under $5! I was eating those rolled tacos thinking the same thing I did in high school, "I don't care if there is cat or dog meat in here, this is delicious!"

4. I would not have found my old house if it were not for good street sign
s. Mesa Del Sol was really built up. The golf course looked a little dead. I actually got a little teary-eyed when I saw my old house. There is a huge flag pole in front and a weird pot, but for the most part it looks like the new occupants are taking care of it well.

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